XALTE: Vengeful Heroes is a fast-paced, yet easy-to-play Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game. You can compete alone or in a team and crush your opponents through cooperation and operating skills! As a reward for each win, players will get XALTE Points which can be accumulated to receive daily dividends of XALTE: Vengeful Heroes tokens (XALTE).

There are many different gameplay to choose. You can choose to have an intense PvP ranked game to show off your skills, or start a casual battle game to free your hands. In order to have different game experiences, we have prepared a variety of gameplay, such as "Ranked", "Diminating", "Chaos Mode", "Classic Mode", "Divine Grace", etc.

Regardless of whether it is a fight in the game or a distribution of tokens, it's a really fair fight. All tokens will be generated by the game itself, not spent on top-ups!

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