Burning Mechanism

To maintain value and quantity the tokens require good token output and deflation. $XALTE has a balanced production mechanism and an excellent coin burning mechanism, whereby the coins are mainly consumed in the following ways:
  • Mystery Box
Players need 20 USDT XALTE to open the mystery box. The corresponding XALTE required to open the mystery box will be destroyed.
  • Convert Pool
B-level conversion needs a B-level hero and 10USDT XALTE.
A-level conversion needs an A-level hero and 140USDT XALTE.
The corresponding XALTE will be destroyed.
  • Marketplace
Each transaction in the Marketplace is subject to a 5% royalty deduction, and the corresponding XALTE will be destroyed.
  • Boss Challenge
Boss challenges are divided into three levels: Elementary, Advanced, and Top, which consume 500 XALTE, 5,000 XALTE, and 50,000 XALTE respectively. The corresponding XALTE will be destroyed.
  • Competition Field
5% of XALTE in the Pledge Pool will be destroyed at the end of the game.