Wager on Battles

Wager on Battles is a game of chance

  • Players need to have enough $XALTE to stake

  • In team staking, players can use only C-level heroes or above, so players need to have at least 1 C-level hero, and then they need to form a team of 5 players to participate, the system will match players with another team of 5 players as opponents.

Before starting the game, 10 players from both teams will need to stake the agreed $XALTE, which will be allocated to the game staking pool. Once the $XALTE has been staked, both teams will enter the regular hero selection phase and start the game.

After the game is over, 10% of the $XALTE in the game Pledge Pool is deducted (5% as expense of taxation will be destroyed, 5% as service charge), the remaining 90% of the $XALTE is divided equally by the 5 players of the winning team, while the other team that loses will not receive any reward.

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