Fusion System

In order to make it easier for players to obtain high-level heroes and allow players to obtain XALTE Points more efficiently, we have introduced a hero fusion and upgrade system.

What should I do if there are too many heroes or the hero's stamina is too much every day? At this time, you only need to fuse some low-level heroes into higher-level heroes, and you only need to spend a small amount of time every day to get more XALTE Points.

Convert Pool:

B-level Covert: Use B-level hero and 10USDT XALTE to convert to B-level hero or A-level materials.

A-level Convert: Use A-level hero and 140USDT XALTE to convert to A-level hero or S-level materials.

Hero Fusion:

Consumes 4 different A-level materials to fuse 1 random A-level hero

Consumes 4 different S-level materials to fuse 1 random S-level hero

Additional Rules:

C-level heroes cannot be upgraded

Temporarily not open S-level hero fusion

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