XALTE: Vengeful Heroes has a complete rune system. Runes can give heroes a lot of additional attributes, and by upgrading runes, you can make your heroes more powerful. They spawn at specific intervals throughout the match. When a hero picks up the rune, he will be given either a passive attribute boost or skill.
Like heroes, runes are divided into four types: Damage, Flank, Support and Front Line. Each type of rune includes three types of red, green and blue, and each color rune is divided into two types: ordinary runes and super runes.
Upgrading runes need to consume rune stones, and there are currently 14 kinds of rune stones. The upgrade of runes of different types and colors requires the consumption of corresponding rune stones, and the consumption of rune stones increases with the level of the rune. The universal rune stone can upgrade any rune except the super rune, and only the super rune stone can be used to upgrade the super rune.
Each rune contains 5 normal runes and 1 super rune. Only after all 5 normal runes are upgraded to the same level, the super rune can be upgraded. The level of the normal rune cannot exceed super rune 2 level.
After the rune is upgraded, additional attributes can be added to all heroes of that type. Each type of different colored rune has different attributes.
Damage red runes to increase hero damage.
Damage green runes to reduce skill damage taken by heroes.
Damage blue runes to increase the hero's movement speed.
Flank red runes to increase the hero's headshot chance.
Flank green runes to reduce basic attack damage taken by heroes.
Flank blue runes to reduce the time the hero is under control.
Support red runes to increase the hero's basic attack damage.
Support green runes to increase the hero's maximum health.
Support blue runes to reduce the cooldown of hero abilities.
Front Line red runes to increase hero damage.
Front Line green runes to increase how well the hero is healed.
Front Line blue runes make hero basic attacks add vulnerability to the target.
Front Line