Esport Club


Esport Clubs are organizations created by the players. The Esport Club helps to increase the connection between the players with quests that require the efforts of all members to support the Club's growth and collect valuable rewards. Esport Clubs create a more challenging environment by ranking races with a scale between groups of players. ‌

Create an Esport Club

A‌ player must reach a certain level to create a Guild for free. Players can set Guild membership requirements to increase the quality of Guild membership.

Join the Esport Club

‌Players can join any Esport Club as long as they meet that Club's eligibility requirements. Players can also participate through the invitation of Esport Club members. ‌

Esport Club Leaderboard

Esport Club will be ranked against each other based on the total XALTE Points. The more complex the members work to collect XALTE Points, the higher the Esport Club rank will be.
Esport Club Leaderboard will be reset at the start of a new season to ensure fairness between the new Esport Club and the old Esport Club.

Main Features in Esport Club

  • Esport Club Role: a positioning system for guild members, members with particular positions can receive additional benefits in collecting in-game resources.
  • Esport Club Vault: the club's asset store, members will contribute assets here to help the Esport Club grow more.
  • Esport Club Quest: The core feature of the Esport Club. Every week, the increasing difficulty and rewards. Based on the volume of quests completed, members will receive various rewards.
  • Esport Club War: A feature that allows Clubs to challenge each other. Their rank will be based on their achievements. The Esport Clubs with the best achievements will receive many valuable rewards. (This feature is under development and will be released as soon as possible).