Divine Grace

Divine Grace is a 5V5 team battle. The system matches 5 players from our side and 5 players from the enemy to fight.

After the game starts, players must first seize the 3 strongholds in the middle of the map. When there are only players of the same faction in the stronghold, the stronghold can be occupied. After occupying a stronghold, the team starts to recharge. The more strongholds are occupied, the faster the team recharges. The first team to complete the charge will summon its own battlefield boss at the center of the map.

The battlefield boss is a very powerful unit. When it appears, it will automatically travel to the opponent's base, and will launch an attack when it reaches the opponent's base crystal. Battlefield BOSS can cause high damage to base crystals, but will not attack opposing players. After the battlefield boss is killed, you need to re-occupied the stronghold to charge the summon.

The first team to destroy the opponent's base crystal wins.

Solo Match/Multiplayer Team

Players can choose to fight alone or gather up a few friends to play in multiplayer mode. They can test their game operability and feeling while concurrently interacting with like-minded players.

More details

In the Divine Grace, you need to occupy as many strongholds as possible to quickly summon the battlefield BOSS. After the battlefield BOSS appears, the longer the survival time, the greater the advantage of the team. So more support and tank heroes can increase the team's win rate.

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