Classic Mode

Classic Mode is similar to traditional MOBA games. The game map is divided into top and bottom lanes, each lane has a defense tower. At the beginning of the game, the crystals on the bases of both sides have protective shields, which are immune to all damage. Players need to first destroy the opponent's two defense towers to remove the opponent's crystal shield.

Energy crystals will periodically be refreshed and will appear in the center of the map, attacking the energy crystals. The player who hits the energy crystal with the final destructive blow will award a buff to all team members which greatly increases the damage they deal to the defense tower.

The first team to destroy the opponent's base crystal wins.

Solo Match/Multiplayer Team

Players can choose to fight alone or gather up a few friends to play in multiplayer mode. They can test their game operability and feeling while concurrently interacting with like-minded players.

Further Details

Classic Mode is typical of a regular MOBA gameplay, so a well-balanced team will be more adaptable to changing battlefield needs, hence allowing players to take the initiative in the battle at any time.

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