In Diminating, a king needs to be first selected. Before starting the game, any player can opt to be the king. After the selection time ends, if only one player is running for king, that player will directly become the king. If there are multiple players running for king concurrently, the system will randomly select a player from the players participating in the campaign to become the king. If no player is running for king, the system will randomly appoint a player amongst the players to become the king.

During the game, the king has extra health. When attacked, extra health is consumed first, and when the extra health is consumed, the hero's health begins to be consumed. Extra health is not automatically restored, but a certain amount of extra health can be restored after killing an enemy.

When the king is alive, defeated players in the king’s team can be resurrected unlimited times; when the king is killed, the king cannot be resurrected and the heroes who died in the king’s team cannot be resurrected.

Solo Match/Multiplayer Team

Players can choose to fight alone or gather up a few friends to play in multiplayer mode. They can test their game operability and feeling while concurrently interacting with like-minded players.

More details

In Diminating, the king's hero becomes difficult to kill, and other players in the team should choose their own hero based on the hero chosen by the designated king. This allows the team to have better team cooperation and whilst protecting the king to obtain final victory!

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