1. How do players access the game?

Players can download the game through the game's official website, Google Play and Apple Store, then enter the game and play XALTE: Vengeful Heroes

2. How do players get new heroes?

Players can unlock new heroes by purchasing NFT mystery boxes on the official website

Players can trade with other players or buy new NFT heroes on the NFT Marketplace

Players can turn NFT heroes to a higher level by fusing heroes in the game

3. How many platforms is XALTE: Vengeful Heroes currently available for play?

XALTE: Vengeful Heroes is currently available on Android, IOS and PC

4. Where can I download the game client?

Players can only download it from our official website, Google Play and App Store

5. What kind of game is XALTE: Vengeful Heroes?

XALTE: Vengeful Heroes is a real-time 5v5 MOBA game with the theme of a sci-fi virtual world, based on shooting elements, combining hero skills and team strategy

6. What kind of rewards are there at the end of each game?

Players will be rewarded with XALTE Point after winning each game

7. Is there a fee for selling NFT heroes and items to other players in the marketplace?

In the market, each NFT transaction between players will generate a 5% transaction XALTE charge, of which the 2.5% charge will be directly burned

8. What are the main modes of gameplay?

Now the game currently has the following games: Ranked, Diminating, Chaos Mode, Classic Mode, Diving Grace

We are still developing new modes of play, please look forward to it

9. What does the XALTE Point do?

Token XALTE is rewarded at 0:00 every day based on XALTE Point

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