Ranked Game

During the game, players on both sides need to seize the stronghold in the center of the map first. When there are only players from the same team within the stronghold, they can charge energy. The team that first completes the charge and occupies the stronghold to summon the bomb car will get 1 point.

The team that successfully occupies the stronghold becomes the attacker, while the other team becomes the defender. When there are only attacker players within the bomb car's range, the bomb car will travel to the opponent's base. When there are only defender players within the bomb car's range, the bomb car will travel to the stronghold.

If the attacker escorts the bomb car to the defender's base within 2 minutes and 30 seconds, the escort is judged to be successful and 1 point is awarded. Otherwise, the escort fails, and the defender gets 1 point. After the escort fails, the battlefield is refreshed, and both sides restart to fight for the stronghold.

Solo Match/Multiplayer Team

Players can choose to fight alone or gather up a few friends to play in multiplayer mode. They can test their game operability and feeling while concurrently interacting with like-minded players.

Warrior Points

After each game, regardless of whether the game is win or not, the system will award each player with a certain amount of warrior points based on the player’s AFK behaviour, level of in-game rating, strength of the opponent as well as winning streak state.

When warrior points reach a certain upper limit, the system will automatically consume the warrior points and add a star to the player’s rank while the excess points are retained. The upper limit of points will increase according to the player's rank.


There are currently seven rank in the game: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master and Grandmaster. Each rank is sub divided into three stars, with only the Grandmaster rank able to accumulates the number of stars with no cap.

Each player starts with a Bronze 0-star rank, and after a season ends, the player's final rank will be partially inherited to the next new season.

Relegation and Rank Protection

When a player loses the game with 0 stars, if the player's warrior points before the game are greater than or equal to the warrior points required for relegation, the system will deduct all the player's warrior points and keep the player from being relegated down to the next level.

Further Details

Ranked match does not limit the types of heroes that players choose, but in order to better cope with the various in-game situations, a balanced team should consist of at least 1 Front Line hero, 1 Support hero, 2-3 Damage heroes and 0-1 Flank hero.

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